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Odin MFG

Odin MFG

Case Study

Odin MFG is an online only motorcycle apparel company.  

When we first started working with Odin MFG they were using a Big Cartel web site and operating out of a garage in Calgary.  We built them their first WordPress web site with WooCommerce.  By switching them over to their own site they were able to avoid the high transaction fees when using a turn-key solution such as Big Cartel as they are able to use a merchant processor of their own choice.

After a couple years of growth we found that the first WordPress site we built for them no longer met their ever increasing needs.  We were tasked with building a site with a modern design, easier navigation, a quicker checkout process, and potential for new functionality and features as their business grows.  

The new web site echoes many of the design elements and features that you’ll find with major international brands while keeping the project in scope of what a local Calgary, Alberta business can support.  We continue to work regularly with the Odin MFG team to optimize their processes

Screenshot of full OdinMFG home page