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Frequently Asked Questions

We're all for diving into a collaboration, but we get it—you've got questions. Check out our Q&A for the lowdown before you decide to make this relationship official.

The timeline will depend on how elaborate the project is and on collaboration.  We work together with your team to get the information and assets we need to put your site together.  The better we work together, the quicker the web site will be complete.  Most web sites are complete within 8-12 weeks but may be completed sooner if you have a well defined scope for your web site project.

Every business has different needs. Pricing from one project to the next can vary greatly. Custom web sites start at $1495 and eCommerce sites start at $1995. Our average complete solution web site project is between $3000 and $6000. If your needs are simpler and you just need a simple affordable web site, we offer SimpleSites starting at only $795

Our office is de-centralized and online based but most of our team is based in Red Deer, Alberta. We love to work with local small businesses like ourselves but work with clients all across Canada.

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We’d love to! We regularly work with both internal and external marketing teams to bring your design from concept to reality.
We’d thought you’d never ask! We’re here to support you now and in the future. We offer powerful Canadian based web hosting and maintenance for your web sites and we’re always available to help you make changes, revisions, and even rebuild your entire web site as your business grows and changes.
From the humble startup to established companies with multiple locations and large staff, we can work with nearly any business. We regularly work with dentists, breweries, non-profits, casinos, tech companies, entertainment destinations, online stores, and many more. We’re always happy to take on new businesses and new challenges.
It sure can. We can integrate social media feeds, online booking, eCommerce, online courses, and many other special features to make it easy for your clients and customers to get the services they need from you.
The company started in 2016 and has grown from a single web designer to a full team of professional designers and writers
We primarily build using WordPress with Elementor Page Builder. WordPress makes up more than 30% of all web sites on the internet and is incredibly powerful and extensible. With Elementor Page Builder we’re able to create beautiful designs that are easy for you to edit it when we’re done.
It happens sometimes especially with more complex web sites. Plug-ins can get out of date or even outright abandoned by the original developers causing functionality to stop working and designs to shift. We offer managed hosting options to ensure your web site is always up-to-date and monitor for problems that arise. We strive to fix these problems before they affect your business. Should you accidentally break your site yourself, that’s no problem either. Our hosting includes daily backups and we can quickly restore to before the issue occurred.

Search engine optimization isn’t really a big secret any more. Want to rank better? Have better content than your competitors. Our writers will help you write that content and offer suggestions for areas you should be targeting with your business.

The short answer is maybe. Every web designer has different methods and techniques for building a site. We don’t want to promise we can maintain something we didn’t build. If your web site was built on WordPress with WPBakery or Elementor, there’s a good chance we can maintain it for you but we’ll need to get a good look at the WordPress dashboard to be sure.

Nope. We’re web design specialists so we stick to what we’re good at but we’d be happy to refer you to someone who best meets your social media needs. We’ll work directly with your social media company saving you time and money.

Think of your web site like a 24/7 salesperson who never takes a break. A great web site will not only increase revenue but lower costs and wasted time. Properly executed your web site will explain your products or services, take bookings or online sales, and help qualify your customers preventing wasted time on the phone.

Gone are the days of yellow page ads. Social media a great way to share the latest information with your clients or customers but it’s a poor way to showcase what your business is about. Most people will only see your latest post but won’t get the context of what your business actually does. Your web site is a permanent presence that doesn’t need to follow the limitations of social media. You can sell your business and provide detailed information to site visitors.