Troubled Monk's Blue Gin

Epitaph Gin

Troubled Monk is a staple of the Red Deer brewery scene. Epitaph Gin is their award winning blue gin now available nearly everywhere in Canada via their web site.

Epitaph Gin

Case Study

Project Partners

We worked with the Troubled Monk team and the incredibly talented Z Design to bring their vision to life.  With beautiful photography provided to us by Troubled Monk, and branding, graphics, and layout design by Laura at Z Design, we were tasked with bringing this concept to reality.

A clear concise style guide was provided to us to ensure every detail was perfect and as always we added our own flair with the site animations and mobile layout.  We adapted the design and functionality to allow for eCommerce functionality with shipping across Canada with Canada Post.  


Full desktop homepage of Epitaph Gin


Full mobile homepage of Epitaph Gin