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Humble Hummus

Humble Hummus is a staple of Red Deer’s food scene providing home-made hummus that can be purchased at the farmer’s market as well as several local stores in Red Deer.

Humble Hummus

Case Study


Our relationship with Humble Hummus dates back to its inception, well before Tallack Media Corp. was established. In 2009, we built their original website in raw HTML for the company’s founder, Jay. As the company grew, we transitioned the site to a basic WordPress platform, enabling Jay to manage updates easily.

Transition to New Ownership

In 2020, Jay sold Humble Hummus to Tawnee, who envisioned elevating the brand to new heights. We collaborated with her to create a vibrant, modern website that highlights her products and recipes while also allowing for future eCommerce capabilities.

Project Scope

  • Website Redesign: We designed a lively, contemporary website to reflect the brand’s new direction.
  • Content Management: Integrated user-friendly features to make site updates straightforward for Tawnee.
  • eCommerce Potential: Built the site with the flexibility to incorporate eCommerce functionality when needed.

Design Concept

The new design features a mix of beautiful photos provided by Tawnee and carefully selected stock images, showcasing Humble Hummus products in an appealing way. The visual strategy emphasized the brand’s local roots, highlighting that Humble Hummus is a proud Red Deer, Alberta business.

Key Features

  • Visual Appeal: High-quality images to attract and engage visitors.
  • Local Emphasis: Strong focus on the brand’s local production and community ties.
  • Modern Layout: Clean, contemporary design with intuitive navigation.
  • Future-Ready: Structured to easily integrate eCommerce functionality as the business grows.


The revamped Humble Hummus website effectively showcases the brand’s transformation under it’s new leadership. The design balances aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, ensuring it not only reflects the local, artisanal nature of the business but also supports its future expansion into eCommerce.


Full page screenshot of Humble Hummus web site