Search Engine Optimization

Stand out in the crowd.

Search Engine Optimization is about improving your position and being better noticed on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The further down your business appears in the search results; the less likely potential clients are to find and visit your site.  SEO will help improve brand awareness, generate quality content to give your clients a reason to come back to your site, and help you establish a relationship with your clients.

We break SEO down into three categories. Content, Keywords, and Credibility.


Content is king. Not only does it give your potential clients a reason to come to your website, but it also gives Google and other search engines a reason to rank your site higher as well. Our creative team will whip your existing content into shape while expertly integrating keywords. We offer weekly, monthly, or as-needed content creation to add value to your site and improve your search ranking.


What good is having a website if you don’t show up in the results? We help identify the right keywords to target your target audience and integrate those keywords organically into your website.


Building your brand isn’t just about building trust with your clients. Search engines look at who is linking to your site to determine how credible your business is. Being listed on the right pages will help your credibility while being listed on the wrong pages can hurt your search engine ranking. We help get you on the right pages and removed from the wrong.

The Process


We start by looking at your business and goals, as well as your competitors. We look at what you’re doing right, and what could be improved.


We come up with a strategy to improve your ranking and maintain it.


We optimize your existing content on the site and build credible backlinks. Our creative writers provide updated content for your site relevant to your client’s needs and update weekly, monthly, or on-demand.


We provide a monthly report of where you are ranking for your optimal keywords and provide feedback on steps to improve further.

Google AdWords

A proper SEO strategy takes time and planning to elevate your web site’s ranking to the first page of Google.  Google AdWords allows you to jump to the top of the Google search results with sponsored ads for the most common keywords for your business.

Tallack Media Corp. can manage your AdWords for you. Our creative team will write eye catching advertisements and select the best keywords to drive traffic to your web site.


Initial Setup Fee: $395 + Advertising budget for first month. (Recommended budget of $200 – $250)

  • Up to 15 ads written for you
  • Initial Research with Google AdWords planner outlining keywords to be used
  • Full access to your own Google AdWords Analytics to monitor ads and performance (cost per click)

Subsequent Months: $245 + Advertising budget for that month. (Recommended budget of $200 – $250)

  • Monthly review of each ad and performance
  • Reallocation of budget and new ads written as necessary depending on individual performance


Are you the kind of person that likes to put in the time and effort to maintain and optimize your site yourself? We offer workshops and one-on-one consulting on the techniques you need to improve your website.

Eager to get started? Us too!