Web Design & Development

Your online presence starts with your web site.

For many potential clients, this is the first impression they will have of you.  A modern clean web site that is mobile friendly and easy to navigate will go a long way in building that client relationship.

Responsive Design

Once upon a time the only way to view the web was on a screen that took up half your desk. Now your clients are more likely to visit your site on their phone or tablet than they are on their laptop or desktop computer. We make sure that no matter what, your visitors get the best experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Us geeks call it ‘SEO’. It means that we make sure that Google knows how to read your site so that it shows up accurately in the search results. We offer full SEO services with regular content creation to keep your site fresh and your clients engaged.

WordPress Experts

We believe that our clients should be able to maintain and update their websites. That’s why we do most of our work in WordPress, one of the most popular and easy to use content management systems. This allows you easy access to update your website and content or if you prefer, have us maintain and update your site for you.


When you need to dig a little deeper than what’s already out there, our developers can build you the exact components necessary to add that extra bit of functionality to your site.


Your website can be overwhelming. When you dive into the deep end, there’s a lot of fancy code and little things to consider. We offer training to help you make sense of it all and so that you can feel comfortable updating your site.

Maintenance & Hosting

We offer super fast hosting on our Canadian server. With daily backups and an included SSL certificate as well as the option of having us maintain your WordPress site, theme, and plugins, we make sure your website is safe and always accessible.

Eager to get started? Us too!